Edwin Howard Armstrong Plaque Proposed

Photo credit: Steve Klose
The name Edwin Howard Armstrong is revered among radio engineers (and a large number of non-technical folks as well).

The Major created several of the radio industry’s basic technology circuits and is credited with inventing FM broadcast technology. Yet, surprisingly, there is no memorial to him in the location where he did so much of his pioneering work, Yonkers, N.Y.

Steve Klose, an area resident, has been working to change that. He has worked with local city government and received approval to have a bronze plaque placed at an overlook at a nearby train station. The train station just happens to have a prime view of Armstrong’s original FM broadcast tower across the Hudson River in Alpine, N.J.

Photo credit: Steve Klose
See the “artist rendering” of how Klose envisions it. The tower is rendered on the proposed plaque. Armstrong’s boyhood home in Yonkers is no longer around so the Greystone train station, serendipitously across the street from where the house stood, was suggested by Armstrong’s nephew, according to Klose.

Klose estimates he needs to raise around $4,000 to finish the job. He’s already raised $1,500 with the Hudson Valley Antique Radio and Phonograph Society and the New Jersey Antique Radio Club making generous donations.

Visit here for more information and to donate.

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