Marconi Finalists Announced

The list of finalists for the 2013 NAB Marconi Radio Awards has been released.
Here they are:
Legendary Station
KFI(AM), Los Angeles
KIIS(FM), Los Angeles
KYW(AM), Philadelphia
WBBM(AM), Chicago
WEEI9FM), Boston
Network/Syndicated Personality of the Year
Argelia Atilano, Univision Radio Network
Delilah, Premiere Radio Networks
Steve Harvey, Premiere Radio Networks
Tom Joyner, Reach Media
Petros & Money, Premiere Radio Networks

Major Market Personality of the Year
Carter Alan, WZLX(FM), Boston
Boomer & Carton, WFAN(AM/FM), New York
Ryan Cameron, WVEE(FM), Atlanta
Eric & Kathy, WTMX(FM), Chicago
The Musers, KTCK(AM), Dallas
Large Market Personality of the Year
Amos Brown, WTLC(AM), Indianapolis
Chris Carr & Company, WUBE(FM), Cincinnati
Cornbread, WIL(FM), St. Louis
Laurie DeYoung, WPOC(FM), Baltimore
Kym Sellers, WZAK(FM), Cleveland
Medium Market Personality of the Year
Roger Todd, Tom O’Brien, Melissa Moran & DJ the Trucker, WPCV(FM), Lakeland, Fla.
Brian Byers, WSOY(AM), Decatur, Ill.
Brian Gary, Todd Harding and Susan Moore, KUAD(FM), Fort Collins, Colo.
Mark Ericson and Karen Kiley, WOKQ(FM), Portsmouth, N.H.
Jermaine “Funny Maine” Johnson, WBHJ(FM), Birmingham, Ala.
Small Market Personality of the Year
Alex & Cora, WAXX(FM), Altoona, Wis.
Cosmo & Whitney, KTXY(FM), Columbia, Mo.
Brian Lee & Chris Wolfe, KZOQ(FM), Missoula, Mont.
Susan Littlefield, KZEN(FM), Columbus, Neb.
Monk & Kelly, WGSQ(FM), Cookeville, Tenn.
Spanish Format Personality of the Year
Milton Andrade Cardenas, KLNV(FM), San Diego, Calif.
Diamond Boy Luis, WLZL(FM), Washington
Rafael Orlando, WYUS(AM), Milford, Del.
Javier Romero, WAMR(FM), Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
Armando Ulloa, “El Chiquilin,” KLZT(FM), Austin, Texas
Major Market Station of the Year
KROQ(FM), Los Angeles
WBEB(FM), Philadelphia
WINS(AM), New York
WJMN(FM), Boston
WMMR(FM), Philadelphia
Large Market Station of the Year
KSTP(FM), St. Paul, Minn.
WCCO(AM), Minneapolis
WPRO(AM), Providence, R.I.
WWL(AM), New Orleans
WXYT(FM), Detroit
Medium Market Station of the Year
KRMG(FM), Tulsa, Okla.
WDGL(FM), Baton Rouge, La.
WGCV(AM), Columbia, S.C.
WMEE(FM), Fort Wayne, Ind.
WMGX(FM), Portland, Maine
Small Market Station of the Year
KCLR(FM), Columbia, Mo.
KCVM(FM), Cedar Falls, Iowa
KICD(AM), Spencer, Iowa
WKDZ(FM), Cadiz, Ky.
WLEN(FM), Adrian, Mich.
AC Station of the Year
KBIG(FM), Los Angeles
WFEZ(FM), Miami
WTMX(FM), Chicago
WWDE(FM), Virginia Beach, Va.
WWRM(FM), Tampa Bay, Fla.
CHR Station of the Year
WFBC(FM), Greenville, S.C.
WKSW(FM), Cookeville, Tenn.
WRDW(FM), Philadelphia
WVAQ(FM), Morgantown, W.Va.
WXNY(FM), New York
COUNTRY Station of the Year
KCLR(FM), Columbia, Mo.
KKBQ(FM), Houston
WDSY(FM), Pittsburgh
WGSQ(FM), Cookeville, Tenn.
WUSN(FM), Chicago
NEWS/TALK Station of the Year
KTMY(FM), St. Paul, Minn.
WBT(AM), Charlotte, N.C.
WBZ(AM), Boston
WPRO(AM), Providence, R.I.
WSB(AM), Atlanta
RELIGIOUS Station of the Year
KFSH(FM), Los Angeles
KKJM(FM), Sauk Rapids, Minn.
KKLA(FM), Los Angeles
KLRC(FM), Siloam Springs, Ark.
WCAO(AM), Baltimore
ROCK Station of the Year
KSHE(FM), St. Louis
WBAB(FM), Long Island, N.Y.
WDRV(FM), Chicago
WRAT(FM), Belmar, N.J.
WZLX(FM), Boston

SPANISH Station of the Year
KGBT(FM), McAllen, Texas
KLOL(FM), Houston
KLNV(FM), San Diego
WKAQ(FM), San Juan, P.R.
WYUS(AM), Milford, Del.
SPORTS Station of the Year
KTCK(AM), Dallas
WBZ(FM), Boston
WIP(FM), Philadelphia
WSCR(AM), Chicago
WXYT(FM), Detroit
URBAN Station of the Year
WEDR(FM), Miami
WHUR(FM), Washington
WKYS(FM), Washington
WTLC(FM), Indianapolis
WVEE(FM), Atlanta
The winners will be announced on Sept. 19 at a dinner at the Radio Show in Orlando, Fla.
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