Meet the 'New Harris': GatesAir and Imagine Communications

The name Gates returns to broadcasting.

Harris Broadcast, recently sold by Harris Corp., had said it would change names, and now it has done so, and divided itself into two companies: Imagine Communications and GatesAir.

CEO Charlie Vogt indicated that Imagine Communications will focus on IP, software-defined networks, cloud and multiscreen issues, while GatesAir “will continue to lead the next-generation TV and radio over-the-air market, with a focus on providing wireless innovations that reduce power consumption and carbon footprint, while leveraging the growth in digital radio and TV transmission across the globe.”

Imagine Communications will be headquartered in Dallas, with operations in Denver, Toronto, Los Angeles, Tel Aviv and Beijing.

GatesAir will be headquartered in Cincinnati, with a manufacturing, supply chain and fulfillment center in Quincy, Ill. Those operations have historic connections with the Gates and Harris names. Rich Redmond, chief product officer of GatesAir, was quoted in the announcement saying, “We are thrilled to bring back the positive market heritage associated with the name Gates.”

Vogt said, “We have created two laser-focused companies that are innovating across different ends of the technology spectrum.”

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"...hmmm...GatesAir." Is that some kind of an air-conditioning company? steve in L.A.
By steve strachan on 3/20/2014
Quincy is warm up with spring! The transmitting business is come back to normal orbit after walk a long roundabout! Congratulations!
By JIANHE LI on 3/18/2014
By Tom Yingst on 3/17/2014

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