Poland Plans Digital Switchover

Poland’s National Broadcasting Council has confirmed the decision to switch from analog to DAB+ digital radio.

In October 2013, Polskie Radio launched a multiplex, which covers Polish Radio’s External Service and broadcasts in the Warsaw and Katowice areas.

According to the National Broadcasting Council, the schedule aims to bring a digital signal to 55 percent of the country by April 2015.

Witold Grabos, deputy chairman of the council said that digital would allow listeners across the country to receive 36 programs, instead of the current two public and three commercial. However, Grabos said “without commercial broadcasters, the success of the process is impossible.”

The council has not yet engaged all the country’s commercial stations in the talks, in part because concerns remain that listeners may not opt to upgrade to digital receivers, which cost approximately 150 zloty (36 euros or US$49).
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