Radio World Turns 35

Paul McLane is editor in chief.
July 1977 … New York City suffers a blackout. Jimmy Carter is in his sixth month in office. Johnstown, Pa., makes the news due to disastrous floods. Led Zeppelin plays its last U.S. concert. Gasoline is up to 62 cents a gallon! And something called Broadcast Equipment Exchange appears with the issue number Vol. 1 No. 1, “a new magazine serving your total equipment needs.”

BEE is into Vol. 36 today, although the name on the front has changed; we call it Radio World now, and it has grown, changed and prospered with the times, from a publication of classified ads to a multimedia magazine that covers the breadth of radio broadcast technology and regulation (though you can still find the name Broadcast Equipment Exchange in the back of each issue, atop the classified ad section).

July 1977 to July 2012 marks 35 years of a special relationship. Many media professionals today talk about the importance of “creating communities.” Radio World is grateful to the members of our unique community, the readers and advertisers who have supported us and shaped our pages. Like radio itself, we are proud to have evolved (and to have disproved the occasional naysayer).

Happy birthday, Radio World. Here’s to 35 more, and beyond. (Got a gripe or a compliment about RW? Post it below or write to me anytime at

For fun: Here is the cover of the first issue, complete with references to gear from McB Laboratories, Gates, Ramko, RCA and CBS. How many readers still have a copy, I wonder...


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Thanks for printing that original cover! A very observant friend of mine emailed me the link today, directing me to the classified ad for the Gates Courier 70. That was me, at my first CE job, selling some used equipment as it was the only way we could get any money for anything else! Congratulations RW on 35 years! Gary Liebisch, Eastern Regional Sales Mgr, NAUTEL
By Gary Liebisch on 7/19/2012

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