Test Station Chosen for All-Digital Trial

Look for testing of all-digital AM HD Radio technology on a station in a medium market soon, likely in four to six weeks.

That’s according to several sources on the NAB Radio Technology Committee.

Members are still working on a test plan. In general, the idea is to verify and quantify that the AM signal coverage and robustness are improved, or not, with an all-digital signal.

The testing is one of several possible solutions being discussed within the committee to help AM stations.

Now that one station is onboard, the group hopes members radio groups will offer other facilities for testing, sources said during several interviews with members after a meeting here in Dallas.

IBiquity would provide equipment or whatever support is needed for testing, according to company president/CEO Bob Struble.

Still to be determined is who would pay for the testing and who would perform the trials on the unidentified facility.


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It did say medium market, Dallas is number 5 so WBAP is out. WBAP dumped HD years ago - they really care about their coverage and HD is like a vampire sucking range out of stations (both AM and FM). If the medium size market is close enough, I'll definitely do a DX test on it.
By Bruce Carter on 9/21/2012
Go ahead; throw away more money on a failed technology! The only sensible thing to do is to STOP all IBOC now. It is a cancer devouring radio broadcasting.
By Paul Dean Ford, P.E. on 9/21/2012
I doubt that they would use WBAP; but even if they use a 50KW ND station, they also need to test it on a 1KW DA2, a 5KW DAN and a 1KW 'graveyard' station, in order to test the multiple conditions that AM signals employ. A true test would plot the current analog distance with & without hybrid HD, with 5KHz & 10KHz filters and even compare to CQUAM and POWERSIDE stations too!
By John Pavlica on 9/21/2012
If the industry and the ignorant Federal Communications Commission, had chosen Digital Radio Mondale, instead of the 'politically correct' IBOC mess, then there would be no need for this test. IBOC will not work. The problem is that the technology is now obsolete and never was a viable solution. Any idiot with a kindergarten diploma would have realized that ! Hey and that included the FCC !
By Sam G on 9/20/2012

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