Willie, High Capacity & The Resistors

Front view

Willie Barnett recently spotted a picture on Facebook of a little three-piece “band” made of capacitors, resistors and LEDs.

He liked it but felt it was a little crude. “As soon as I saw it I was inspired, and started building my little masterpiece!”

Barnett was morning announcer, music director, production manager, traffic manager and chief engineer (all at once) for most of his 20 years at WFIF(AM) in Milford, Conn. He now is a part-time engineer at WIHS(FM) in Middletown and works as a service tech at Krell Industries. He also worked for several years in a small electronics shop, assembling, troubleshooting/repairing, prototyping and assisting in product development.

It had never crossed his mind to make a sculpture out of parts until his Facebook find inspired him. But he has several musician friends and has acquired a reasonable level of knowledge regarding band equipment and how it is set up. His project took about 10 hours.

Rhythm and lead guitar/vocals.
 Keyboards and bass

This is the view if you have a backstage pass.

I asked him what kind of reactions he has received to his creation. “Overwhelmingly positive! Anyone with even a small interest in electronics, or who has at least seen the inside of various electronic devices, appreciated it that much more.” He has declined suggestions to sell it on eBay.

I think it’s boffo. Willie dubbed the band “High Capacity & The Resistors” at the suggestion of his spouse Kim; he also thought of “High Fidelity,” “Clear Circuitry” and “The Components.” (Turns out “L.E.D. Zeppelin” is spoken for.)

Any other suggestions for band names? Write to radioworld@nbmedia.com. Best suggestion wins a Radio World T-shirt.

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It's been a year! I have actually started to build another one. Not sure when I will get it finished, but it's about 1/3 done as of today. :)
By Willie Barnett on 10/16/2013
Thank you, Ralph! You're right! MOST of these parts were diverted from the trash bin, after being removed from Krell audio amplifiers that were being repaired. :) I had the privilege of visiting WDAC back in Sept of 2007. It made a HUGE impression upon me. :) I was there to talk with Mike Stike in-person for the first time. ;)
By Willie Barnett on 10/17/2012
That little masterpiece will gain more interest than the pieces of equipment from which the parts were taken. Good job! Ralph, K3CIB (ex K4MTJ)
By Ralph W. Haneman, WDAC CE/Property Mgr, on 10/17/2012
Thanks for publishing this! :) It was a very rewarding project, and I sincerely appreciate all of the attention that this little creation is getting. :) THANK YOU!
By Willie Barnett on 10/11/2012

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