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Letter: The Potential Benefits of Futuri’s RadioGPT Come at a Cost

"Great for Mr. Anstandig trying to make a living selling his product, but at the cost of many talented persons’ livelihood?"

In this letter to the editor, the author comments on Randy Stine’s recent article “Futuri Grabs Radio’s Attention With RadioGPT.” Comment on this or any article. Email us.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I tried to hold off, thinking that I would cool down a bit after reading the April 26 article in Radio World, “Futuri Grabs Radio’s Attention With RadioGPT.”

Who does Mr. Anstandig expect to fool with his statements, which include: “I love radio and we are helping shape the future of broadcast media, which means finding ways for audience and revenue growth for broadcast.” Further he states: “I do not believe people are going to be replaced by AI [artificial intelligence], but I do believe those people will be replaced by others who use AI.”

What? What does that mean?

Of course the intention is for this software maker to sell software that will essentially [help] stations that are having some revenue problems to let go of expensive on-air staff in lieu of cheaper computer based-programs. Who wants to listen to computer-based programs? We do it on phones trying to call your doctor’s office or anywhere else. How well does that go?

I’m glad that the college station that I work for in Cleveland, and others here, want the “personal” feel of making a difference in people’s lives by taking requests and dedications and having meaningful telephone conversations with callers. This is still real radio.

If Zen Zapis, who owned WZAK in Cleveland where I worked in the mid-’60s, would have known that his relatives were helping in a way to eliminate real radio personalities, he may be turning over in his grave. The only artificial intelligence [back] then came from the Ampex tape recorder when we hit “play” to start the Italian or Greek weekly transcribed radio variety shows.

Great for Mr. Anstandig trying to make a living selling his product, but at the cost of many talented persons’ livelihood? The way of the world now.

Terry Stevens, WJCU on-air personality

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