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Letters: A Policy of Non-Help

Readers respond to Michael Baldauf’s experience with poor customer service

Below is a sampling of recent letters to the editor of Radio World. Find more on the Reader’s Forum pageLetters are invited by email to [email protected].

In a recent letter, Michael Baldauf wrote: “I recently had to contact a major supplier of transmitters about an issue at a site where I am a contract engineer. I called but was told that no one would talk to me; I would have to send an e-mail, to which they would reply in the next three days.”

These readers responded.

A policy of non-help

If we have an issue at the site, this is an unacceptable response. We need to know the name of that major supplier. There is no need to keep it a secret if that is their policy. Inquiring minds want to know. 

I realize that this “major supplier” could be one of your advertisers, but maybe the pressure would help convince them to change this policy of non-help.

Bill Traue, CSRE

Bill Traue Technical Service

Idaho Falls, Idaho

You’re only the customer

I laughed when I read Michael Baldauf’s letter. I’m still waiting for someone at a certain major radio audio manufacturer to call me back with an answer to my question. I think it is going on three years.

When I originally called to ask if some parts were available for a particular model, the young woman said: “Oh, yes; I’ll have someone call you back.”

After several days without a word, I wound up repairing the bad switches and finding small bulbs somewhere via the internet.

I think that some of these companies are only interested in selling new, fancy, expensive equipment rather than helping one save some money by providing service after the sale. The college radio station where I volunteer does not have tons of money to buy new, fancy equipment all the time.

Michael is correct: Before recommending or purchasing critical equipment, check out the customer support, somehow, if you can. 

Terry Babic

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