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Letter: We’ll Get Back to You

How reliable is your supplier's off-hours service support?

Dear RW:

Certain bits of advice have become even more important given the economic upheavals of the past two years. One is to check all aspects of any product before making a purchase.

In the case of broadcasters, that means not only hardware and software, but perhaps more important than ever, product support as well.

I recently had to contact a major supplier of transmitters about an issue at a site where I am a contract engineer. I called but was told that no one would talk to me; I would have to send an e-mail, to which they would reply in the next three days.

I certainly was relieved I was not the person responsible for choosing this product.

Here’s the friendly reminder: Before recommending or purchasing critical equipment, take the time to call the company’s product support line outside business hours and see if you can reach anyone for the support you might need. If not, find another product.

There’s no need to add to sleepless nights by finding out the hard way that a product you recommended and are supposed to be supporting is not backed by the company that sold it to you.

There are many equipment companies that provide very good support. They meet and exceed their customer’s expectations. A little research and a phone call or two is time very well spent.