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Japanese Stations Look to Leverage Listener Data

Four stations combine data to optimize, personalize offers

Stations in the Japan FM League are bundling data to optimize how they deliver personalized recommendations and communications to listeners.

A schematic from J-WAVE explaining the CCP. From the left, market data feeds into digital and voice-based data that both feed the four stations’ CCP. The CCP then uses the data in newsletters, social media, and email marketing, as well to link with radiko.

In 2020, J-WAVE began developing a Customer Communication Platform (CCP) that optimizes station communications with listeners built on the Treasure Data Customer Data Platform. The CCP has now been introduced at Japan FM League stations ZIP-FM in Nagoya and FM802 in Ōsaka, as well as at FM802’s sister station FM Cocolo, according to J-WAVE.

Established by J-WAVE in Tokyo, the Japan FM League is a network of five FM stations operating in five markets across the country.

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The stations will pool data to build an integrated database of 900,000 listeners across three metro areas with supporting data from 2 million monthly active users. Information included in the database includes listening data from the IP-based simulcasting platform radiko, event participation, ticket purchases, and online activity.

The CCP then analyses listener behavior to determine the best content to deliver to a listener at the best time via the best channel. For example, the system can recommend a podcast based on online activity, target social media advertising, or deliver individualized advertising via radiko.

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