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TDF Film Details DAB+ Antenna Hoist

A new short film details how TDF added a six-meter antenna to the Eiffel Tower

Back in March, the addition of a new antenna to improve DAB+ broadcasts in Paris’s Île de France region added six meters to the iconic Eiffel Tower. The project was spearheaded by French transmission company TDF, which manages the radio and television broadcasting infrastructure on the tower.

Recently, TDF released a short video “La Tour Eiffel Grandit — Le Film Official” (The Eiffel Tower Grows — The Official Film) detailing how it completed the project, which involved using a helicopter to hoist the new DAB+ antenna to the top of the then 324-meter-tall tower.

The video is in French with French-language subtitles, but YouTube can provide a passible automatic translation into other languages (just click the CC button to turn on closed captions, then click the settings cog wheel, select subtitles/CC, then select “auto-translate” and your preferred language).