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How Is the Holy Fire Affecting Santiago Peak?

Several YouTube videos show just how close the wildfire has come

FALLBROOK, Calif. — California is in the throes of fighting many raging wildfires, and Bob Gonsett of Communications General Corp. has shared several videos for those who may want to check on up on how communications infrastructure is surviving.

First, Gonsett reports, “the Santiago Peak communications facility has survived the Holy Fire and commercial power is still intact. The area around Santiago, however, is a raging inferno and the continued sanctity of Santiago is not guaranteed.” With that in mind, he shares a link to an HD stream from KWVE(FM)’s tower set up by Marcos O’Rourke that shows the incredibly smokey view below. Gonsettt notes that the camera switches to infrared mode at night.

To view the east (where the fire is burning, Gonsett explains), there’s also a PTZ camera on Santiago Peak operated by the High Performance Wireless Research and Education Network. Check it out here.

If you’re interested inlearning about how fire retardants work, Gonsett also recommends a 16-minute video featuring WUSDA Forest Service Wildland Fire Chemicals Program Leader Shirley Zylstra. It was forwarded by Brent Dussia. Gonsett calls it “the best video on the subject” he’s seen.

Gonsett concludes his email with this reminder: “Please keep the folks on and near the Santa Ana Mountains in your thoughts and prayers. They are in danger not only from open flames but from unrelenting smoke that is filling the air.”