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Nautel to Expand R&D

Company “invests in radio broadcasting future”

A press release from transmitter maker Nautel trumpeted, “Nautel Invests in Radio Broadcasting Future.”

On that cheery note, the company announced it plans on hiring more research and design personnel; as much as a 50% increase over 2016 levels. This goes with a 40% increase in the 2017 R&D budget, the company said. It attributed the surge to recent business success with several large projects.

Nautel President and CEO Kevin Rodgers said, “Contracts such as a 2 MW system for Hungary, the world’s biggest transmitter, large N+1 systems for Middle East customers, and an order for six follow-on high-power systems for India underscore our ability to handle some of the largest and most challenging projects in the broadcast industry.”

The company says that it already “employs one of the largest technical staffs of any radio transmitter company in the world.”

The release explained, “The worldwide radio market will continue to be the focus of Nautel’s design efforts as the company concentrates on innovations for AM, FM and MW transmitters of all power ranges.”