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New Audio Campaign Aims to Reinforce Radio’s Role as Trusted Partner

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Radio Advertising Bureau, RABThe Radio Adverting Bureau has created an audio campaign for radio stations looking to reinforce radio’s role as a purveyor of truth and trust.

The campaign was created in partnership with the company Yamanair Creative to emphasize that radio has long been a place to turn for truthful news — a necessity given the recent boycott of Facebook and the resulting interest in trying to ensure brand integrity, RAB said.

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For example, one of the new 20-second spots focuses on radio’s ability to deliver on the two most important commodities in advertising: truth and trust. “As an advertiser, you have to trust your partners to protect your brand’s truth,” said one of the new RAB spots, emphasizing that radio remains a media that listeners can trust.

“RAB thought it important to provide you the tools to reinforce to the advertising community and listeners that broadcast radio is not only a safe place for brand messages, but it is trusted by consumers and influential when it comes to their decision-making,” said Erica Farber, president and CEO of RAB. “…(N)ow is a perfect time to remind our advertising partners and listeners that they are in good hands with radio to protect their brand’s truth.”

The campaign, known as the Trust and Truth spots, can be customized with a station’s personal branding and are available to be downloaded for free. Once there, stations can also select from other RAB radio spots and dozens of social media tiles. Stations also have access to additional pro-radio messaging from the RAB including the Leading by Example and Spirit of Radio articles.