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Hate It When That Happens

Honk, honk, honk: Station ‘harmonic’ gets press coverage in Tampa.

Car alarms going off can be annoying. But it’s even worse when your radio station gets blamed for it.

The Tampa Tribune reported this week that a CBS station signal may be causing a plague of alarms going off or not working.

The Federal Communication Commission said an antenna on the Colonial Bank building that broadcasts CBS oldies station WRBQ(FM) at 104.7 MHz “uses a radio frequency that emits a harmonic that could sync up with the frequency used by some car alarms,” according to a UPI summary story.

“WRBQ is not in violation,” the account quotes the FCC case report, “and the car alarms in question are required to be designed to accept/reject (the interfering frequency).”

The newspaper said others think the problem could be traced to police car transmitters or wireless phones.