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South African Government Supports Digital Migration

Digital radio transition “priority” for Communication Minister Muthambi

During a recent visit to Radio Pulpit 657 AM in honor of it being named the 2015 MTN Community Station of the Year, South African Communications Minister Faith Muthambi stressed how the country is looking to move into the digital spectrum.

Radio Pulpit is the first station in South Africa to have a live DRM test broadcast, but Muthambi and the government are looking at digital broadcasting options and are encouraging manufacturers to build DRM receivers for the South African SADC region. According to Muthambi, the government has been working to deal with the issue of spectrum interference. The Communications Minister calls radio a top priority.

“As a country we are ready with Sentech and the SABC is on board,” said Muthabmi. “So I can assure you that we are on track.”