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StudioHub Products Now Available From Angry Audio

Radio Systems’ former accessory line gets new lease on life through Dosch

StudioHub logoStudioHub is back, baby!” Angry Audio founder Michael “Catfish” Dosch announced in a Monday press release. 

Radio World reported in October that Dosch’s new company planned to acquire the StudioHub line of RJ45 adapters, cables and studio accessories from Radio Systems. That has now gone through. 

“We purchased the IP to all of the products formerly manufactured by Radio Systems under the Radio Systems and StudioHub brands,” Dosch told RW Monday. “We bought the StudioHub brand and trademarks, but did not buy the Radio Systems brand. We also purchased all remaining inventory of Radio Systems.”

The terms were not disclosed. It was a three-party business transaction between Angry Audio, Radio Systems and Michael Sirkis, who owned most of the IP for the products manufactured by Radio Systems.  

Earlier, Radio Systems had announced that it would no longer manufacture its own equipment but would instead serve as Lawo’s exclusive U.S. distributor. 

Angry Audio is now offering the StudioHub products on its website at its own brand page,

Dosch said Angry Audio is manufacturing most of the more popular Radio Systems products. Angry Audio is headquartered in Nashville, Tenn. The adapters and cables are manufactured in China; electronics products are assembled and tested in Nashville from parts sourced mostly from China. 

Angry Audio is not continuing the Millenium console line. “We will however, provide spare parts support for owners of Millenium consoles on a ‘best effort’ basis, meaning as long as we have, or can reasonably obtain, inventory,” Dosch said.